The scope of my installations range from TV installation with hidden equipment to wiring a large home or business for 20 or more rooms of music. Setting up a dedicated Home Theater room with a ceiling mounted projector and 110" or larger screen. Improving Wi-Fi range.​ Many customers prefer a custom remote to simplify TV system operation.

Many of my recent jobs have included: Weatherproof Outdoor TV installation, Master Bath TV installation. Hidden TV in a custom lift cabinet.  Setup of Apple TV for internet streaming. Wiring for music, TV and internet during renovations. Multi-room music systems with outdoor and in-ceiling speakers. Background music for 3 story office building. Commercial music and TV screens for several small business (Dry Cleaners, Convenience Stores, Restaurant/Bar). TV screens for conference rooms and lobby for small businesses.

I have worked with many of the local premium builders and designers in premier homes around the DC metro area.

I have a large base of referral customers and have done 
multiple residences for a number of my customers.

Tim Griffin 
Griffin Audio Video